Durga battle

Divine Mother Series with Shelley

Learn about Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, & Sarasvati

Meditation, Sanskrit chanting, and lecture included




30-Day Yoga Program with Margo

Enjoy practicing with Margo and diving into this unique opportunity.

This is a progressive program and is appropriate for all levels.



How Yoga Therapists of Alaska, LLC was born:

Suzanne Worthington, "Suzi," is the inspiration responsible for the creation of Yoga Therapists of Alaska, LLC. She planted the seed of this business and with frank confidence, knew it would grow to fruition.
Her life and death affirms the importance of yoga as therapy, for healing and for transformation.
During Suzi's cancer journey...READ MORE HERE


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Yoga's original application was intended for one on one instruction, much like going to your nurse practitioner or doctor for a diagnosis. This relationship fosters  the opportunity to develop specialized guidance for the practitioner's individual needs. The yoga therapist takes into account the many layers of the human experience: physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual. Instead of receiving a prescription, each practitioner is provided various yoga practices which support each aspect of their being. These practices include yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditation, and chanting.



Photos taken by the talented Susan VanderMartin