Divine Mother Workshop Series with Shelley


Learn about different emanations of Divine Mother with Shelley.
Meditations, Sanskrit chanting and lecture included
Session 1
Introduction/ Ganesha & Durga
We will invoke Ganesha and Durga to begin our series. Ganesha is the gatekeeper, and Durga is the Mother whom all other Mothers originate from. Durga will help stabilize and orient us during these time of crisis.
We will have an introduction on the Divine Mother, shakti, the traditions from which She stems, and the Tantrik perspective on practice.
Session 2
Durga & Kali: The Power of the Sacred Feminine
Durga means 'invincible, unconquerable, and unassailable one'. Learn about her story, and how to harness the power she emits to tap into strength and resilience when we need it most.
Kali means 'the dark one’. She is one of the most terrifying forms of Goddess. Learn more of Her story, attributes, iconography, and how to embrace this fierce, but loving form.
Session 3
Lakshmi: Cultivating Spiritual Abundance
 Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance, prosperity, nourishment, harmony and love. We will learn about her attributes and generate her energetic qualities through the repetition of a Lakshmi mantra.
Session 4
Sarasvati: Tapping into Resource
Sarasvati is the Goddess of creativity, knowledge, wisdom, speech, and art. We will chant the Sanskrit alphabet, and a mantra to Sarasvati. She will help orient us to the deep well of Resource that resides within each of us.
BONUS MATERIAL: Get To Know Ganesha
The elephant-headed god, Ganesha, is known as the ‘removal of obstacles’ on the spiritual path. The yogi is often prompted to invoke this deity’s discerning and devotional nature at the beginning of practice. In this introductory workshop, learn more about Ganesha’s mythology, iconography, and qualities. We will learn to chant an invocation and mantra.
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10 hours of CEU's available for RYT's