Natural Posture with Margo


Join Margo for an eye opening series about reclaiming our neutral, natural posture. 12 hours of pre-recorded material.
Natural posture is essential for any movement based yoga practice. Neutral, natural posture is hard to come by in our sedentary culture influenced by "couture fashion". We were designed to move - A LOT - and without striving for a certain "look" or "fashion sense". From the shoes we wear, to the furniture we sit in, our understanding of basic human design is being compromised. In this series we will explore anatomy, harmful vs. helpful movement patterns, and fundamental yoga postures to support healthy everyday posture.
Each workshop will enhance your understanding of how to move in your body with more grace and ease; not only in your yoga practice, but in everyday life.
  • Class 1 Focus: Learn to sit and stand with natural anterior pelvis.
  • Class 2 Focus: Meet your feet and how to reconnect and strengthen your natural arches.
  • Class 3 Focus: Connect with your thoracic breath to support the shoulder girdle and the upper body.