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How Yoga Therapists of Alaska, LLC was born:

Suzanne Worthington, "Suzi," is the inspiration responsible for the creation of Yoga Therapists of Alaska, LLC. She planted the seed of this business and with frank confidence, knew it would grow to fruition.
Her life and death affirms the importance of yoga as therapy: for healing and for transformation.
During Suzi's cancer journey we were committed to weekly, and often daily, yoga; including chanting, sutra study, meditation and guided yoga nidra sessions. Suzi so believed in yoga as a way to listen, connect and simply "be". This experience bonded us as soul sisters in life and in death and she continues to be a living inspiration in the work we wish to share with our community. We are committed to helping those called to yoga therapy to live and die with grace and authenticity.
Anyone who knew Suzi felt her present moment enthusiasm for life and curiosity about the world around her. Her willingness to be authentic and true to herself in all aspects of living and dying inspires us daily. Please share in her journey by reading her story here:
If you or someone you love is drawn towards yoga therapy as a way to help with your cancer journey or any health challenge please let us help you on your journey. Chanting can be a powerful tool for healing, supporting and navigating meaningfully through the living and dying process.