Sanskrit Essentials with Shelley


Sanskrit is the language of yoga. Each sound-byte of Sanskrit contains potent energetic qualities; little seeds that awaken intrinsic knowledge deep within you.
These sonic building blocks enhance the subtle body experience of any yoga or meditation practitioner.
Come on a distinctive journey with me learning how you can incorporate Sanskrit into your practice.
12 hours of pre-recorded classes
What you will learn:
  • Proficiency in the Sanskrit Alphabet (50 sounds)
  • How to use the Alphabet as a mantra practice
  • Invoke Sarasvati: the Goddess of the Sanskrit Alphabet
  • Transliteration & correct diacritical marks
  • How to read Vedic Meter
  • History of Sanskrit as a sacred language
  • Names of 30+ yoga poses in Sanskrit & correct pronunciation (includes asana practice)
  • Bija Mantras
  • Meditation
  • The first 3 yoga sutras in Sanskrit & Vedic Meter
  • Practice Devanagari Script
Benefits of chanting Sanskrit:
  • Tones the nervous system & vagal tone
  • Activates & clears the throat/voicebox/mouth
  • Initiates natural pranayama (refinement of breath)
  • Invigorates the subtle body
  • Primes the layers of Being for the higher states of yoga
  • Builds community with sonic vibration
  • Accesses ways to practice yoga, even if your body can't do the 'physical' poses

Shelley's workshops are inspired by 20 years of study (formal & informal) of Comparative Religions & Eastern Philosophy, in-depth yoga practices, Sanskrit chanting, and traditional Tantric sadhana.
A Testimonial:
"As my education in Ayurvedic and yoga studies heightened, it wasn't until Shelley's Sanskrit Alphabet class did my interest soon gave way to love. It shifted, vetted, and confirmed all that I had been missing in not only dove-tailing these two sister traditions, but stirred a passion for Sanskrit studies, and mantras that has continued with me several years later. I highly recommend even the curious novice seeker to take the plunge!"
~Pam Doerr, 500RYT